Shadows gather at my doorstep—feint

Snickers, lulling at the refuse—light;

Huddled in the corner, I embrace

Silence, breaths in spurts like splinters

Coarse against the grain—as sweat pours sweet.

Footsteps shuffle, knocking—heels tap on wood—

Coward—twitching, shivering hands,

Clammy droplets stymie on the concrete

Wall—as dampened sounds reflect the vapor—

Slips—my hand—wrapped tight on stainless

Steel and I imagine paler fiends who

Sit—resplendent—composed, and envisage a

Thousand existences—compressed,

Savages lined up into defecation,

Black against the blackened, dampened space,

Each beheld against the other.


Love is saved for immaterial

Scholars, destined for the annals—Stories,

Musings—violence cast in diff’rent shades—and

Glory, honor, priv’lege—vanities.

I behold as I have been beheld,

Stranger with a stranger’s eyes—the chinks where

Waves of light reflect the jaundice—Silken

Skin, enamored—open, quiet gaze.


Tattered ribbons flowed upon the pull, and

They will flow again on seconds past.


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